Three more loaves!

_dsc001612631The loaf of Almost No Knead Bread that I made this weekend went so fast that I had to make more. My husband and son wanted another plain loaf while I was ready for a variation.  The third loaf was for our favorite neighbors. These are the neighbors who use their gigantic snowblower to clear the end of our driveway of the big, heavy piles of snow the plows leave behind. You’ve got to love neighbors like that, and bake for them from time to time. They also scored a jar of my husband’s homemade raspberry freezer jam.

When these loaves were ready to be baked I was too tired to even think about being up so late so I stuck them in the refrigerator where they sat for almost eighteen hours. When I was ready to bake them I took them out, shaped them and let them come to room temperature before baking them as directed.

The loaf on the right has 1/2 c. toasted walnuts, and 1/2 c. dried cranberries added to the mix. I really like this variation and can’t wait to try a piece toasted.

My apologies for the photos. They were taken after dark so I didn’t have natural light to work with.

Update: More apologies. I just discovered that the link I provided to for the Almost No Knead Bread is available to members only. I truly thought it was one of CI’s free recipe/video links. I am loathe to violate anyone’s copyright so I won’t be posting the recipe. I will tell you that variations of this recipe abound on the Internet. I prefer the version that uses mildly flavored beer, white vinegar and water. Instant yeast, also known as bread machine yeast, or rapid rise yeast is the leavener you want to use, not active dry yeast. A heavy enameled dutch oven works best for this. My Le Creuset dutch oven has repeatedly performed well for this task. Mine is oval and my loaves don’t turn out oddly shaped. You don’t need any fancy flours. Unbleached all purpose works well here.

The cranberry walnut version toasted up nicely.

Toasted cranberry walnut bread with a melting piece of butter

Toasted cranberry walnut bread with a melting piece of butter

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