Top Ten Recipes for Inauguration Day?

Early this morning while I was searching the Internet for a particular salad recipe I stumbled upon this. It’s an article that lists President Elect Barack Obama’s favorite foods. What I find interesting is this is from an online British publication. Who knew that the rest of the world cared a whip about what our President Elect likes to eat, and do those articles really have anything to do with what Mr. Obama likes to eat?

The recipe the article links to for Sweet Potato Pie is a case in point. When Mr. Obama announced to his Ohio audience that he loves Sweet Potato Pie, I don’t imagine that the recipe on The Times Online comes even close to what he was referring to. Granted, it could be exactly what he meant, but I’m thinking he had the dessert version in mind when he made that reference.

So is the article just an effort to grab attention? Probably, but it’s interesting that what an American leader eats would grab the attention of people across the ocean.

To celebrate Mr. Obama’s inauguration I plan to make shortbread. Mrs. Obama shared her recipe with the world, but I plan to make a different recipe.  A dear friend has an incredible Scottish Shortbread recipe, and I hope to make that. I’m sure that Mrs. Obama’s recipe is good, but I’m going with a sure thing. I might even pop some bubbly to celebrate the event.

2 Responses to “Top Ten Recipes for Inauguration Day?”

  1. rob barrett Says:

    Here’s a funny little piece I copied on my website that has ten of the most popular Youtube chefs with recipes for the inauguration. Kind of fun.

    Rob b

    • basicallybaked Says:

      Hi Rob!
      Thanks for stopping by. I clicked on over to your site to see the list you suggested. Those are fun! Thanks!

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