Raspberry Chiffon Pie

Raspberry Chiffon Pie

Raspberry Chiffon Pie

Last winter I purchased a copy of “The Best of America’s Test Kitchen, Best Recipes and Reviews 2008”. I think I bought it solely for the recipe for Raspberry Chiffon Pie, but then there is a gorgeous photo of a Lemon Layer Cake on the cover that was probably a draw as well. So, here we are six or more months later and I haven’t made a single recipe out of that magazine.

We still have raspberries in the freezer from our bumper crop last summer so when my husband asked me what I wanted for my recent birthday the Raspberry Chiffon Pie immediately came to mind. I was a bit hesitant to ask him to make it because he is more of a cook than a baker. The science of measuring ingredients is something that I think he finds tedious and he often wings it instead of measuring carefully. Sometimes you can get by with that, and sometimes you can’t, but I knew he really wanted to make something for me, and he was willing to go for it.

The results are fantastic. This is quite possibly the most wonderful raspberry pie I’ve ever had! It was really hot here the day he made it so I encouraged him to use a no bake ‘Nilla Wafer crust, and since there were only two of us to celebrate we opted for a can of Redi-Whip. We’ve been topping individual pieces as we eat our way through the pie. We could share with friends and neighbors, but we’ve been keeping it to ourselves. I know I’ll be making extra trips to the gym to work off this indulgence!

Click here for the full recipe on the Cook’s Country website.

And thank you to my husband for making this for me. It is a big treat!!

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6 Responses to “Raspberry Chiffon Pie”

  1. Megan Says:

    It would be OK with me if some of this was still around on Saturday….

    • basicallybaked Says:

      🙂 Well…… there is still some left but by Saturday I think it will have lost it’s appeal. We’ll see.

  2. Katrina Says:

    Looks de-lish!

  3. Anna Says:

    Wow! Thanks for making it and reviewing. I will have to make it before raspberry prices go back up.

    • Sue Says:

      The thanks go to my hubby, but I’ll be sure to pass them along. We’d really like to try this with a different crust. We were thinking a traditional baked pie crust or even a chocolate crust. The ‘Nilla Wafer crust was fine considering the weather that day!

  4. Steph Says:

    I was going to make this when I saw it on TV.. then I saw all the heavy cream and decided to pass on it because this looks just too delicious. I know I would eat the whole thing!

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