Friendly Kitchen Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

This weekend I had a friend coming over and almost no time to whip together a treat to serve. It was a personal challenge to see if I could get these mixed together and at least one tray baked between the time I hung up the phone with her and her arrival. I managed to get three trays baked, and a pitcher of iced tea made!

I was going to make the recipe on the back of the chip bag, but I realized it would be faster to make a recipe that uses weights. I had printed off one of Anna’s comparison charts for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and I knew she had used weights.  Since I had already made the Frog Commissary cookies I decided to give the Friendly Kitchen cookies a try. I liked these cookies a lot. They have good structure and aren’t too sweet. The Frog Commissary cookies are good too. I’d be hard pressed to choose between them, but these were a little sturdier so I might choose these.

Most of the cookies were given to our kids. Today I baked the rest of the cookies from the dough that I didn’t get baked yesterday. I think the cookies are even better today. They browned a little more and like most chocolate chip cookies they benefited from chilling time in the refrigerator.

You can find the recipe at Cookie Madness. Coconut was optional, and I skipped that, but I think it would be very good in these cookies.

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One Response to “Friendly Kitchen Cookies”

  1. Anna Says:

    What I remember about the Friendly Kitchen cookies is their sturdiness.

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