Apricot-Orange Shortbread Bars

Apricot Orange Shortbread Bars

If I could only have one cookie for the rest of my life this might be the one. Statements like that are so melodramatic but it manages to convey how much I love these bars. Prior to eating one of these I might have told you I don’t like apricots. Ha! That’s obviously not true! I would have said yes, I like shortbread, and I adore anything almond. What I’ve learned is that the three together are a heavenly combination.

I used to use only Hero brand apricot preserves for these, but I’ve discovered that there is something different about those preserves and they aren’t as good as they used to be. My recommendation for preserves is to choose a brand with the least number of ingredients on the label, and more fruit than sugar if possible. These bars were made with Bonne Maman French preserves. Next fall when the apricots are plentiful I’m hoping I can find the time to make my own. The Bonne Maman preserves are wonderful, but as much as I like them I’d like to figure out a less expensive alternative.

This recipe can be found at Epicurious.

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4 Responses to “Apricot-Orange Shortbread Bars”

  1. gloria Says:

    These remind me of the apricot bars sold at D’Amicos. They are my favorite-I like them better than chocolate. I might give these a try! I thought I commented on this post, but I must be losing my mind.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I love that brand of preserves too, price tag and everything! Apricot and cherry are my favorites. I just found your blog via Cookie Madness, I’m excited to read more posts!

    • basicallybaked Says:

      Glad you found my blog! I’m way behind again getting any posts up, but hopefully soon. I hope you find other things here that you like.

  3. Anna Says:

    This is such a great recipe. But you should see the picture I took when I made them! It was back before I had any food photography skills. Not that I’m skilled now, but my picture just did not do such a great cookie justice.

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