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Fresh Tomato Tart

September 28, 2010

Fresh Tomato TartIn the previous post I mentioned that zucchini season seems to be over in our garden. Fortunately we’re still getting fresh tomatoes. Years ago I would can some of them, and one year we froze them, but really, we like them best fresh, in salads, on sandwiches or sliced right onto the plate. Occasionally we roast them, which I love, and once in awhile we use them in a dish like this Fresh Tomato Tart.

The crust for this tart is super simple but delicious. It makes enough for two tarts which we didn’t need so I double wrapped the extra dough and used it a few days later for another recipe.

Instead of retyping the recipe I’ll link directly to the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website. As you read the recipe you’ll see they have filling instructions for two large tarts or for individual tarts. I made the recipe for the large tarts but halved it.

Both my husband and I liked this recipe a lot. It lends itself to a lot of variations so I think we’ll be making it again with other seasonal vegetables throughout the year. Speaking of variations! I just remembered that instead of using the spices indicated in the recipe I used an Italian Seasoning Blend that I had on hand. You could substitute the herbs you like best


Cheddar Cheese Twists

December 31, 2008
Cheddar Cheese Twists

Cheddar Cheese Twists

My son the college freshman is having friends over for New Year’s Eve. Normally New Year’s Eve is a quiet affair here without much fanfare but with four college age boys I imagine it will be anything but quiet. We have a lot of snacks around but they’ll go through them like wild fire, and I wanted to do something a little special. I was in the mood for something savory after all of those sugar cookies. I had a few ideas but knowing how my son loves cheese I knew these would hit the spot.

It’s been so much fun to have our son home. It amuses me that he’s taking an interest in kitchen activities. Part of that may be due to his interest to move out of the dorms next year. At any rate he wanted to dig right in and help make these. They come together like a snap with the food processor. I doubled the recipe. I recommend weighing the cheese instead of going by volume. Some of the reviewers at Epicurious had to add extra milk to make them come together but I didn’t have any trouble. The dough is very easy to work with.

The first batch was cut by me. The second batch was cut by our son. I thought it was interesting to see how much thicker he cut them. He’s a natural at shaping these. The second batch was sprinkled with some freshly ground peppercorns. It didn’t add a lot but they have a little more visual appeal. The directions say to cut them and bake them flat, but I thought twisting them would be more fun. They flatten out quite a bit, but we think the extra effort was fun and worth it.

Even though we’re quickly running out of light I shot a couple of quick pictures. I’m sure these will be gone by morning.

Cheddar Cheese Twists with Pepper

Cheddar Cheese Twists with Pepper

These have a four fork rating on Epicurious. We agree! For the recipe click here

Update: There are a few of these left this morning so I had a taste to see how they held up. The texture was a little better last night but they held up pretty well. They taste cheesier this morning which surprises me a little because they tasted quite cheesy last night. The ones that were cut thinner and rolled thinner remain crispier than the ones that were rolled and cut thicker.