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Lisa at Sweet as Sugar Cookies went on a baking quest to find her favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Being the baking geek that I am, I love her comparison tables and admire her for all the work she put into baking the cookies and blogging about the results. I know that most of you will also want to know how some pretty famous recipes fared. Check out Lisa’s post where she talks about her top four favorite recipes, shares the comparison table, and provides links to the recipes.

Sweet as Sugar Cookies CCC winner and comparisons.

3 Responses to “A CCC link”

  1. gloria Says:

    I checked Lisa’s blog out earlier today. I appreciated her comparison list. I did comment (comments are not all there yet) that Joanne Chang’s recipe was almost identical to Nestle’s Toll House cookies. The main ingredient differences being bread flour and a lot less salt. She used unsalted butter and 1/2 t salt. Toll house is salted butter and 1 tsp salt. I don’t know about you, but I think some salt enhances the flavor and I don’t think the tollhouse recipe is too salty….I’m guessing Joanne’s would be too sweet for me.

    • basicallybaked Says:

      Little changes like the type of flour sometimes turn out to be bigger changes than they appear to be and chilling the dough for different increments of time also has a big impact on the cookie. I’m with you on the salt. CCC’s benefit from a bit of salt in contrast to the sweetness of the cookie.
      I keep meaning to look to see if the cookie she called the America’s Test Kitchen cookie is the same as Cook’s Illustrated Perfect CCC. Lisa’s spread and when I made them they didn’t do that. I LOVE that recipe! I belive it’s my favorite chocolate chip cookie of all time.

  2. gloria Says:

    I do agree with you that small changes can make a bigger than anticipated difference. I baked my recipe today and used dark brown rather than light brown sugar (baked in the early AM). I refrigerated the dough over night. They still spread so I’m guessing it was from the extra moisture in the dark brown sugar? Have you ever used molasses in CCC? I might try my recipe using browned butter. And how about the 97 degrees!

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